Updates were scanty this weekend as the real life Sterling and I were busy at a three day horse show this weekend. July and September are some of our biggest months campaigning for our non profit, the more recognition you get at horse shows for your training the more of a client and donation base you build up. I’m thrilled to report Sterling walked away the high point champion of our barn, accumulating 14 ribbons  and three reserve champions. I’m still recovering from tendonitis so we took it small and did the adult beginners, and Kim rode him to second place overall with the 2′ and 2’3 hopeful hunter jumpers. This places him as a contender for year end champion points for this show series, as well as two others. It’s so hard to believe this was the skinny guy knocking on death’s door nearly two years ago. It’s like my kid won the school spelling bee, I’m so proud : )