It never fails. In a social situation, when people find out i work on a farm with horses, I’m always asked “Well, what do you do out there?”

Simply put, as Buck Brannaman would say, “I fix horses with people problems.” As cryptic as that sounds, for further clarification, you should watch the Sundance winning documentary film, Buck. I highly recommend anyone and everyone watch this film, whether you’re a horse person or not. Buck Brannaman is a personal role model and one of my great inspirations. We’re all dealt a hand of cards, and Buck and I and were raised in … well.. loosely put, unhealthy, environments. Not only was it powerful to see his work with horses, operating on a ‘feel’ without a command, but it was more empowering to see someone over come a period of violence and suffering and put forth so much ‘good’ into the world. Good blesses a good cowboy, is all I have to say.