Many young people have forgotten, but we shouldn’t. While I’m certainly in the Man o War camp for best race horse of all time, it seems when this country falls on hard times, a phenomenal race horse comes along and captures the heart of this nation. In the 1970s, it was of course, Secretariat. I feel like nothing encapsulates the awe of this horse more than the 1973 Belmont, the race that sealed him as a triple crown winner. To date, Secretariat’s record still stands at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont. Medically speaking, if a normal thoroughbred accelerated and maintained this pace during a race, their heart would explode. Equally as phenomenal, though he obtained such a massive lead, Secretariat never slowed pace despite not having any competitors or being ‘driven’ by the whip. Even though he didn’t have to, he maintained stride. That my friends, is what we in the business call “heart.”